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TPU 3.0mm FTTH Drop Cabe

Please contact us for more detail spec & capacity

Applicable Standards

1. ITU-T G.650    Definition and test methods for the relevant parameters of SM fibers

2. ITU-T G.657    Characteristics of G.657A2 fiber and cable

3. IEC 60793-1    Optical fiber Part 1 : Generic specification

4. IEC 60793-1    Optical fiber Part 2 : Product specifications

5. IEC 60794-1    Standard for optical fiber outside plant communications cable

6. IL/RL : Grade B 

7. Tensile Performance : > 400N, 600N, 800N according to customer request


Technical Specificaton

1. LC/APC Boot length : 14.5mm or 17.0mm Available

2. Guarantee : Tensile > 20~30kgf/ 200~300N (Rivet Ring AL Alloy : Tensile > 20.0/kgf  SUS 304 : Tensile > 30.0/kgf)

3. Develop Special LC Rivet Ring & Stopper

TPU 3.0mm  Cable Structure

GOC TPU3.0 Cable.png
GOC TPU3.0 General Spec.png

Mechanical & Environment Requirements

GOC TPU cable test.png

Single Mode Fiber Characteristics(G657 A2)

GOC TPU fiber spec.png
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