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Hybrid Cable(2 x 2) with
Micro Armor Fiber 

Please contact us for more detail spec & capacity

General Features

  1. for FTTA(RRU, BBU)

  2. 1 Pair Electric conductor (AWG 12, 14, 16 stranded)

  3. 1 Fiber Optic Duplex LC Connector

Technical Specification

Hyrbid Cable(2x2) with Micro Armor CS.png

Cable Structure

Hybrid 2x2 MAF(CS).png
Hybrid 2x2 MAF(CS01).png

General Composite Specification

Hybrid Cable(2x2) MAF Spec.png

Fiber Optic Cable Specification

Hybrid Cable(2x2) MAF Fiber Spec.png
Micro Armor Fiber Cable Pic.png

2 Strand Micro Armor Fiiber Cable

Conductor Specification

Hybrid Cable(2x2) MAF Conductor Spec.png
Conductor type
1) AWG 16

Diameter of conductor : 1.5mm

Diameter of Insulation: 3.05mm

Outer Diameter of Composite : 9.6mm

Conductor type
1) AWG 14

Diameter of conductor : 1.88mm

Diameter of Insulation: 3.45mm

Outer Diameter of Composite : 10.0mm

Conductor type
1) AWG 12

Diameter of conductor : 2.36mm

Diameter of Insulation: 3.95mm

Outer Diameter of Composite : 11.0mm

Wooden Cable Bobbin

Double Flange

Diameter of Flange :  90cm / 50cm (35.433”/19.685”)

Width : 70 : 10cm (27.59” : 3.937”)

Thickness of flange : 3cm (1.181”)

Hybrid(2&2) bobbin.png
Hybrid(2&2) bobbin01.png
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