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Hybrid Cable(2 x 2)

Please contact us for more detail spec & capacity

General Features

  1. for FTTA(RRU, BBU)

  2. 1 Pair Electric conductor (AWG 12, 14, 16 stranded)

  3. 1 Fiber Optic Duplex LC Connector

Hybrid(2&2) drawing00.png

Technical Specification

Cable Structure

Hybrid(2&2) cross section.png
Hybrid(2&2) cross section01.png

General Composite Specification

Hybrid(2&2) general spec.png

Fiber Optic Cable Specification

Hybrid(2&2) Fiber drawing.png
Hybrid(2&2) Fiber drawing01.png
Hybrid(2&2) Fiber spec.png

Conductor Specification

Hybrid(2&2) conductor drawing.png
Hybrid(2&2) conductor drawing01.png
Conductor type
1) AWG 16

Diameter of conductor : 1.5mm

Diameter of Insulation: 3.05mm

Outer Diameter of Composite : 9.6mm

Hybrid(2&2) conductor spec.png
Conductor type
1) AWG 14

Diameter of conductor : 1.88mm

Diameter of Insulation: 3.45mm

Outer Diameter of Composite : 10.0mm

Conductor type
1) AWG 12

Diameter of conductor : 2.36mm

Diameter of Insulation: 3.95mm

Outer Diameter of Composite : 11.0mm

Wooden Cable Bobbin

Double Flange

Diameter of Flange :  90cm / 50cm (35.433”/19.685”)

Width : 70 : 10cm (27.59” : 3.937”)

Thickness of flange : 3cm (1.181”)

Hybrid(2&2) bobbin.png
Hybrid(2&2) bobbin01.png
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